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We are a proud eSmart school. Since we first registered with the program in 2018, we have introduced many new policies and activities to improve the way our school manages cybersafety, bullying, and cyberbullying. We feel confident our students, staff, and the wider school community are now well supported to be smart, safe, and responsible users of digital technology.


eSmart is a long-term change program designed to educate, track, monitor, and prevent bullying and cyberbullying. eSmart Schools is tailor-made for schools and designed to affect change in that specific environment.


It is not a band-aid or a quick fix and based on documented evidence, it was created to address cyber risks, bullying, and cyberbullying – and to help schools meet their duty of care.


eSmart provides our school with management tools to deal with bullying and cyber issues and incidents so that students feel safer and more supported at school. It also helps our school to embrace the benefits of technology while reducing students’ exposure to cyber risks, such as cyberbullying, online predators, sexting, identity theft, and fraud.


To famliarise yourself with Cyber Safe education, please refer to the following websites for more information:


At Epping Primary School we run a Google Workspace for Education school that is managed by a third party, who specialising in internet security. Over the past year, we have has a few hiccups in relation to the inappropriate use of Google. Gaggle ensures the safety of our students when they’re using Google Workspace for Education. It saves instructional time and protects our students from self-harm, drug or alcohol use, cyberbullying, pornography, harmful situations, and much more by notifying the Gaggle administrators who can then action the notification. This program always ensures the safety of our students in the digital world. 




The Jamf School apps were designed to maximize tech tools for teachers. The apps make it possible to quickly and easily control and manage Apple devices. Jamf School Student gives students restricted permissions over their own devices, allowing them to focus on their education without being distracted by unauthorized apps. With the Jamf School Student app, students can manage their own iPad devices. They can install apps approved by the school and use documents stored in their personal iCloud drive.


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