Devices & Cybersafety

The future vision we have is of a school where Digital Technologies are embedded into everyday teaching and learning. Students will be innovative and confident producers of Digital Technologies in an ever-changing digital world. Our vision is to be Embedded, Confident, Innovative. 


By increasing the level of access to digital devices, students can leverage learning opportunities that are interactive, differentiated, and collaborative in nature. The targeted and effective application of technology, coupled with the quality and of instruction, can enhance student learning.


Digital Technology has become an integral part of our students’ learning at Epping Primary School and we have a responsibility to prepare them to use it responsibly. In response to this, in 2019 each student from Grade 3 to 6 was assigned an individual Chromebook. This year 1 and 2 students have been assigned a shared Chromebook. 


To support our vision we have implemented the following devices: 

  • 1:1 Chromebook Program grade 3-6
  • 1:2 Chromebook Program grade 1-2
  • 1:2 iPad Program grade Prep




Chromebooks are essentially a laptop crossed with a tablet, offering dual functionality of a keyboard and touchscreen.  The Chromebook runs on a Chrome Operating System and uses web and cloud-based storage. The benefits of using a Chromebook include:



  • No setup of the software is required, just log in using a student Google account
  • It won't slow down over time or be made redundant by the new operating system
  • Starts up in seconds, no long load times or software updates
  • Cost-effective, being web-based means no app purchases are required
  • Long battery life (approximately 8 hours)
  • Ergonomics, encouraging students to have more appropriate posture
  • Automatically updates software to the latest version
  • Built-in antivirus software
  • App reliability - Google Suite and Seesaw will run effectively as web-based apps
  • Support NAPLAN online 


iPads make it easy for students to continue learning and developing, wherever they are. Explore powerful interactive apps to help your kids study, create, have fun, and get more done. The benefits of using iPads in Prep:


  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • Very fast start-up time. No need to wait for the device to go through a start process and login like on a laptop or desktop.
  • Has a touch-screen interface allowing students to engage more interactively with the content
  • iPad is known for its ease to use interface. This means it is an accessible device for all ages.
  • Plenty of educational apps are available on the iPad through the App store
  • A charged iPad will last the entire school day on constant use.


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