Performing Arts

Epping Primary School offers a vibrant and diverse Performing Arts program offering students from P-6 instruction in music, dance and drama. 


The Performing Arts program is influenced by the principles of Kodaly philosophy – a structured, sequential and developmental program in which students learn and discover musical elements through play and a question-based inquiry approach. 


Students learn a wide variety of songs, games and folk dances then, through a process of questioning, break down the elements to discover new rhythms, pitches, melodies and forms. This knowledge is applied to a wide variety of instruments including percussion instruments, xylophones and ukuleles. 


Students study a variety of styles of dance including contemporary, ballet and folk dances from around the world. Students learn about safe dance practices including posture, alignment and spatial awareness. Students express themselves through movement and create choreographic works that tell a story.  


Aspects of drama such as expression and characterisation are woven into each weekly lesson, with roleplaying games and short skits being performed within the class periodically. 


In addition to the rich classroom program, students from Year 3 and above have the opportunity to join the choir and students in Year 5 & 6 can audition to be part of the rock band. These ensembles enjoy a jam-packed performance calendar throughout the year. 


Every second year, a whole school production is presented at the Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre. This is a highlight of the school calendar and offers students the opportunity to showcase their learning in the Performing Arts. 



Virtual Choir


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