FREE INCURSION! Saving Lil & Archie

On Thursday 3rd February, Brainstorm Productions will be presenting their student wellbeing performance ‘Saving Lil & Archie’ for our grade 1 to 6 students. ‘Saving Lil & Archie’ is a live educational theatre performance that promotes balance, positive connections and responsible use
of technology.

Pandemonium ensues on Planet Arkon when two robots, Lil and Zig, are zapped to earth and into the lives of two siblings, Bella and Archie. Bella is being bullied by the girls in her friendship group. With no sleep and too much screen time, Archie finds it hard to connect with other
children. He is lonely and confused. Bella learns to be assertive and to ‘report’, ‘log off’ and seek help when her online interactions become negative and nasty. To restore the balance, Archie must learn how to control his impulses, listen and use empathy so that Lil and Zig can return to Arkon.

‘Saving Lil & Archie’ is part of our student wellbeing curriculum and has been developed by teachers and psychologists. This exciting live theatre experience provides students with practical social and emotional skills, and encourages students to build safe and healthy relationships, at school and

Brainstorm Productions is one of Australia’s largest and most respected theatre in education companies, performing to over 300,000 students every year. They offer a range of programs to help schools nurture healthy and harmonious environments, addressing issues such as cyber safety,
bullying and resilience. They are also endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider. Learn more about Brainstorm Productions by visiting their website ( or following them on Instagram (@brainstormproductions_), or
Facebook (@Brainstorm.Productions).

This is a free incursion for participating students (grade 1 - 6). There is no cost to parents.

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